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Welcome to the to Freedom Lawns South Richmond, VA website.  My name is Joel Butterworth and I'm proud to own and operate Freedom Lawns South Richmond, VA. We proudly service the Richmond, Midlothian, Chersterfield and surrounding area!

Having been a lawn and landscape business owner in this area for over 23 years, I saw the need for a different kind of lawn care company.  Our exclusive organic-based products are safer for people, pets, and the environment and are definitely one-of-a-kind.

I've lived my life and raised my family in Midlothian, VA so I understand the value in doing business locally. Some of you may know me as the owner of Pluggerz Aeration service and know that I have a vested interest in this community and proudly sponsor local youth athletic associations.

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The Freedom Lawns difference is evident in many specific areas. The principal focus of the Freedom Lawns Service is specifically dedicated to lawn types, soil types, and weather conditions in our region. We are the local lawn and plant care experts who can improve and maintain your lawn based on what your lawn actually needs.

Our unique process and methods enable us to perform our services in a manner that is friendlier toward the things that are important to you like your family, pets and our treasured ecosystems. Our private label organically fortified fertilizers are specifically formulated for the needs of your turf types. They will enable your grass to get thicker, greener and more vibrant.

And finally, the Freedom Lawns difference is reflected in our highly skilled employees who are eager to serve you. Our turf specialists are thoroughly trained by an experienced licensed technician before they are independently performing treatments on your lawn. Our Freedom Lawns turf specialists are the most highly trained, knowledgeable, and responsible individuals in the industry. Put this all together and what will you have? Our service staff has been recognized and awarded for outstanding, customer service and satisfaction. This all results in a safer program, performed by people who care, and are committed to providing a healthier, more vibrant lawn for you. Results, value, great service….this is the Freedom Lawns pledge. We believe that you deserve nothing less!



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